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2020-04-05 05:09
Flag of Germany

Hannover lies by the river Leine and, since 1946 is the capital of the Land of Lower Saxony in Germany. Hannover is one of the world’s leading trade fair cities and an important centre for national and European traffic with 522,944 inhabitants.

In ancient times Hannover was an electorate and was mentioned for the first time in 1241 when citizenship was accorded by duke Otto and became a very important centre thanks to its proximity to the rivers Rhine, Ruhr and Saar. Hannover also had collaboration with the Hansan through Bremenhaven.

Around the 1300 century the city wall was built as also many of the churches and, furthermore, during the German industrialisation Hannover became an important part of trade in iron and silver from northern Hartz.

The city was for a long time seat of the Hannover royal lineage in England in their role as Dukes of Brunswick-Lüneburg, but the personal union was broken in 1837 when Queen Victoria ascended to the English throne, because it was not accepted to have a female monarch. Between the years 1815-1866 Hannover was a kingdom by itslef, but after the Prussian-Austrian war the city was annexed by Prussia and became a province of the Prussian empire.


After the Second World War Hannover developed into one of the world’s greatest trade fair cities and holds each year several of the largest trade fairs like the world’s largest IT-fair CeBIT and Hannover-messe which is the world’s largest industrial fair.

Hannover organises each year a number of festivals of which Schützenfest Hannover is the world’s largest marksmmen’s funfair as well as the Hannover October festival that are the most known and frequented.

Hannover has also many lovely parks like the Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen, a baroque garden, which is divided into a number of sections with, amongst others, Neuveau Jardin with Europe’s highest fountain in park environment, and a garden theatre. Another one is Berggarten with one of the world’s largest collections of orchids, Georgengarten with the Leibniz temple and the Georgen palace. In all there are some 40 parks, woods and gardens in the city. A couple of lakes and two rivers offer recreation and leisure-time activities.

Hannover zoo is one of Europe’s finest zoos and the most beautiful in Germany and in 2008 received for the third time the distinction of Parc Scout. The park consists of a number of theme sections with, inter alia, the Gorilla Mountain, the Jungle Palace, the Tropical House and a section for entertainment shows.


The 36 most important sights in central Hannover are linked together with a painted red line (The Red Thread) which is painted on the footpath in a 4.2 km long loop going out from the tourist information and ending at the Ernst-August street in front of the Central Station. There are also guided bus tours that drive through the city.

In the centre of the old city there is the high marksmen’s church and the old town hall and, nearby the Leibniz house from 1652 and the Nolte-house. The neighbourhood around the Kreuz church consists of many small cosy paths. If one walks through the Marstall gate one arrives at the world famous Nanasculpture which a part of Mile of sculpture that starts from the square on Königsworter to the entrance of Georgegarten.

Hannover has several museums like the Kestner museum specialised in ancient cultures, Historical Museum which describes the city’s history and development, the Sprengel Museum with it 1900’s art and the Theatre Museum with its exhibition and the theatre culture in Hannover from 1600’s till now. There are as well theatres and cabarets numbering around 40 including the opera house, Schauspielhaus, Ballhofeins, Ballhofzwei and the Cumberland Gallery. As far as Cabarets are concerned, the GOP variety theatre in the Georges’s palace is the leading one, but you will also find others like Variety Marlene, Uhu-Theatre, Die Hinterbühne and Rampenlich Variety.


One can also take a trip to some of the known world heritage cities Goslar, Braunschweig, Hildesheim, Hameln and Celle which are only minutes away from the centre by the intercity train.

For those who like shopping everything can be found here. If one prefers clothes with brand names,they are found, among other places, on the following streets – Georg-strasse, Bahnhofstrasse and Osterstrasse. If you prefer departmental stores one can try Kaufhof, Karstadt and Peek & Cloppenburg. Hannover has also a large choice of secondhand of known brands when it concerns clothes, shoes, handbags and so on. One of the best things about Hannover is that almost all the inner city is free of cars and consists of pedestrian streets with shops, pubs, cafés and restaurants that provide the possibility for a little rest and distressing between shopping and sightseeing.

Hannover Stadtbahn has gradually begun to replace the old tram and now has some 115 km track.

The airport in Hannover, Hannover Airport is situated some 17 minutes from Hannover centre by S-Bahn which departs every 30 minutes. The airport has departures to most European capitals and tourist places and a number of other destinations around the world. From here flies also low cost companies like Air Berlin, TUI and Welcome Air and others.

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